How To Date An Otaku Girl Funny Part

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A documentary crew follows Frank, a 20-year old Asian-obsessed otaku, as he interacts with Asian Americans. Ot-a-ku (n.) – an avid collector or enthusiast, e…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 thoughts on “How To Date An Otaku Girl Funny Part

  1. unclassififedwolf

    Honestly this is Me and my Boyfriend every time I go into a barns and nobles and im in the anime section > w

  2. Elin Ashbrooke

    Well, it’s actually on a ton of websites, just search on google for fullmetal alchemist cursor and it will be on most of the results. It’s this really cute one that shows the whole of Ed rather than just his face. I was watching fma the other day, and I sat my Ed cursor on Ed’s lap, and he looked down at where it was! XD so funny.

  3. Chan Jong

    Fellow companion in this world where FMA isn’t the #1 for some reason

  4. Owlfeather1313

    XD oops, that got cut off, the rest of it said in Barnes & Nobles even though everyone was staring at me

  5. blankpageblank

    Shit his voice is cute as fuuccckkkk. v Otaku girls do exist. I’m a Fujoshi/Otaku and am quite proud of it . I don’t sleep without my Usagi-San pillow. ふじし!!!!!!!

  6. daylighterspider64

    This is kind of strange. Although I do love Japan. This guy is sooooooooo nerdy. Painfully so.

  7. Yuki12688

    Awww the ending made me feel bad.. :( I’d totes go out with him, he seems really sweet~ ^·^

  8. Spray Painty

    One lived near my high school in Hawaii, he even had a big-ass belt buckle, it was pretty damn amazing seeing him on the way to the bus every so often

  9. DJDubyDub

    it’s so hard to determine… i dont think anyone would spend that much money to get all that stuff either

  10. thekoopa36

    You’re an obvious moron. Check the fucking category if you dont get it, its a comedy…

  11. makedaevilmage

    1:56 Is that Akira on the Wallpaper :D ? Like just before Neo-Tokyo blows up again at the end of the film?

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