Japanese Snacks and Candy Haul

Some snacks and candy I picked up. I’m excited to try everything! If you guys have tried any of these or can read what’s on the package let me know!

25 thoughts on “Japanese Snacks and Candy Haul

  1. kaisaechan

    *package is a japanese tv show i believe. but his name is Anpanman. the blue things are nerunerune. there

  2. pichukyou

    the carmel corn is Ramune flavored, which is indeed a Japanese Soda, and those wafer things or whatever are strawberry flavored.

  3. squezey1

    I got some pocky and yan yans yesterday. Why is it that Japan has some of the best snacks?

  4. MrJoseph0

    I made that comment a year ago. That’s quite a while. A person can change in that time. If you’re going to judge me, judge me from a recent comment I’ve made.

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