Japanese Snacks : Asparagus Mayonaise Potato Chips, Soy Snack, and Mangosteen drink

Mangosteen Juice Drink (Thai drink found in an import store in Japan) Healthy Soy Snack – Chips that rattle! Asparagus Mayo Chips…..shocking similar to the…
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So this is going to be my third snack review. I know, I know, it seems like I’m a snack addict… and you know what I am. This time we reviewed the Marble ch…
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13 thoughts on “Japanese Snacks : Asparagus Mayonaise Potato Chips, Soy Snack, and Mangosteen drink

  1. FriskyMeerkat

    Japanese drinks like Cucumber Pepsi aren’t strange enough, you have to get Thai drinks too? ;)

  2. StarAWings

    Mayonnaise and asparagus…. UGH! I like Dutch mayonaise with my fries but I HATE asparagus… XP Mangosteen Juice… I actually had that once it’s pretty good. I like it.
    I was wondering what happend to Tecan’s hair… I thought he cut it XD

  3. lizzy0fo0shizzy

    I wanna try the asparagus mayonnaise chips! Tecan looks good with curly hair it suits him :3

  4. Kat D

    Hehe I love him, and he done his hair nicely. I make videos too, so tell him I want a date with him HAHA. Tell him to come to Kitakyushu and I’ll give him a free place, I move out and need a new place after July. On topic, looks interesting drinks.

  5. bkuchiki

    Japanese snacks are definitely my favorite (being japanese, i may be slightly biased :p). I’ve had all of those products that you reviewed and I fully agree with your expert analysis. I think the Japanese do a great job at making the packaging incredibly appealing to the eye as well. The one down side is that often times, ur disappointed with the actual quantity of the product inside of the packaging. (i.e. potato chip bags have alot of air in them vs being filled to the brim with potato chips)

  6. jennSOfunky

    Hey! It was no problem making another snack review because I love snacks! :) Thanks for the compliment! My hair is pretty naturally straight but I do straighten it with a flat iron just to make sure that the everything is straight and even.

  7. MOONYuriify

    Thank you for doing another Japanese snack review:)I enjoyed watching it:)and I luv your hair:)it’s perfectly straight! What’s your secret??haha

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