Drawing Japanese Manga Characters

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25 thoughts on “Drawing Japanese Manga Characters

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  2. carnotrankine

    I like the drawings, and would like to see more of them. And by the way, you are not the only person who can’t draw.

  3. 1103mix1103

    this character looks like for character of girls comic. typically Japanese manga character has big eyes. however, especially character of girls comic has bigger eyes than any other manga character.

  4. 88kidflash

    For me it took about a whole year to learn how to draw manga. My first real drawing was inuyasha. I could never figure out how to draw the eyes. but I still have trouble makeing them in motion it kinda hard im still learning

  5. chrisoulicius

    i don’t think that you “learn” to draw manga… i mean there are some techniques of course but after watching anime my whole life it just comes natural for me to draw that way… i mean the hair the eyes etc… so i really don’t quite get it when pepople are sooo obsesssed with manga tutorials…. well maybe it’s just me… :P PP

  6. ytvration

    Learning to draw manga myself but honestly it not coming along as I planned, or look anything remotely manga/anime; can we submit some of our work to your camera shy artist would like there/her opinion on skills and how they differ from states, japan any where else from world.
    Your viewer ytv ration

  7. watashiwahjolan

    Nice pics.. Once met the lady who did hello kitty movie voice.. In a panel… Guy who does master roshi kept giving.random phrases.. In the middle of her doing voice he yells boobies in master roshis voice… Whole room burst out in laughter… Love anime stufg

  8. furubamaiden

    It’s nice having someone who discusses all of the aspects of living in Japan instead of just the positives. Some people make it appear as if living in Japan is easy, so the viewers who watch there videos end up getting a naive “fairytale” picture of what it’s like to live there
    as a foreigner, and, in turn, are unprepared.

  9. WillauGladeshadow

    Really good stuff from a 15 year old lass. That said my favourite manga and anime comes from CLAMP. :)

  10. Jubedube

    As fun as it is to watch a how to drawing video, considering young children in Japan don’t seem to have a lot of free time i’d hate to impose on someone with requests for drawing.

    I suppose if she’s absolutely willing it’s alright.

  11. Rodney Church

    dude idk if you get this much, but you are freakin awesome. I really want to visit Japan one day

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