My Favorite Bento — Japanese box lunch

My Favorite Bento -- Japanese box lunch

Watch the whole series: This is what my favorite bento (Japanese box lunch) looks like. Be…

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36 thoughts on “My Favorite Bento — Japanese box lunch

  1. aruesu1

    hi there
    I’ve studied in Tokyo for a while
    one thing I still don’t understand is why tenpura (天ぷら) and agemono (揚げ物) is so popular in Japan, given that Japanese cuisine is generally low-fat&salt

  2. tatulover01

    its coz its been fried in batter thats why you like eggplants!! if you don’t like a certain food cover it in batter and fry it you damn americans fry everything in batter and fat

  3. kate kate

    Is this Ten-don of a convenience store or a supermarket?
    It’s different from one of 7-11 and Hot-mot, but looks delicious.

  4. Sprotret

    You should check out his video entitled something along the lines of “Why I live in Japan”, it has nothing to do with him thinking the culture is cool. Don’t be a dick.

  5. Richard Hwang

    this guy sounds like a white man that is obsessed with japanese culture just cuz he thinks its cool LOL

  6. TunaHelper19647

    You let me down man…. Pickled radish? You let me down…
    I thought that you make bento, not BUY it. -____- tisk tisk…

  7. sakura yamato

    “NORIBEN” is delicious and inexpensive.

  8. yamadago

    kart likes some ramen noodle with veggie.
    he always choice that type of ramen.
    ya,tanmen is delicious.

  9. patsybob

    In Japan salads are healthy, getting pre-made salads in the west is basically buying sweets in terms of calories!

  10. kantishna39

    I thought they had a huge selection at the Japanese market I go to, but now that I see the selection where you’re at, the market here is laughable. You’ll have to check out the markets if you’re craving Japanese food when you visit California. Closest to where you’re you’ll be would be Costa Mesa (Mitsuwa and Marukai) or Gardena. Probably a small selection to what you’re used to.

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