Japanese maids cool down Akihabara

Japanese maids cool down Akihabara

Dozens of maids took part in a traditional “Uchimizu” event to throw water onto the streets of Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

12 thoughts on “Japanese maids cool down Akihabara

  1. 888GRM

    Perhaps next year they should try something more radical. Maybe if the maids do a pool wrestling contest…. The temperature might go down…. :<
    I think its worth a try.

  2. ignas2526

    Am I the only one who thinks what Japan has way too much sexy stuff, or shall I say Japan has enough sexy stuff, compared to others what have not enough of it?

  3. poopdood321JP

    High temperature is one thing. But its that 80% humidity during summer in Japan that makes it almost unbearable :p

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