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25 thoughts on “MESSY ROOM!?! {OTAKU VLOG #1} おたく

  1. SpringMemoir

    I love anime a lot. I’m going to film when I go to Anime Expo this year. I really enjoyed this video!

  2. xeronik69

    i find it funny that us Americans find being called an otaku is a compliment of high status, but in japan it’s actually a derogatory insult :p pretty hardcore looking room though, nice collection of stuff

  3. hottieMS

    First thing that came to my mind when i saw the puzzle was an anal probe… my mind is full of shit….get it…cuz anal probe…

  4. Emo Rash

    Omg! Dude i love your room *_* T^T I want your freakin room!!! Btw I love your videos !!!!

  5. Hannah Knotts

    Hey. I just wanted to tell you that your AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am hooked on your videos. and im not sure why but your accent (if it is an accent) is really cute :3. please please please PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!! they just makes my day! i actually have a few questions……… Do you like Spice and Wolf? its one of my favorite anime series… along with School Rumble, Devil May Cry and Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Reply Back!

  6. Rhyann Chamaillard

    Hai! I absolutely love your videos :3. I just started watching them recently, but you can be really funny…plus you’re veeeery attractive :3. I’m an otaku too, but I’m having a hard time collecting memorabilia because I’m only 13 and there aren’t any places that sell it in my area. I am so jealous of your room though!

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