Japanese Craft Beer and Snack Extravaganza!! E01

Join us today for some craft beer, carefully selected from all over Japan. We’ll explain the ins and outs of beer (as long as a limited vocabulary and overal…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Japanese Craft Beer and Snack Extravaganza!! E01

  1. Daniel Schroeder

    i want to say the first one was also 5%. it had a distinct citrusy flavor, which i think is due to the region its from being somewhat famous for their type of oranges.

    craft beer in japan definitely feels a bit more gimmicky than other places, where many incorporate some kind of flavor or image that has some sort of regional or historical significance. that’s not to say it’s bad, or that all brewers do this, but you definitely see it often.

  2. FindMeInKurume

    The second beer you said had 5%, what was the first one? Did it taste like oranges or have a fruity taste? I like the color of it.

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