Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 9 – How Anime is Made at JC Staff

カルチャージャパンシーズン2 エピソード9 #アニメの作り方。JC STAFFに潜入 Danny once again has Amiami’s ‘Sekai no YUMI’ in his office as a special guest for some interesting discussions. H…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Opening 1 de One piece : We Are ! & Opening 1 de Fullmetal Alchemist : YUI “again” au Zenith de Paris.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 9 – How Anime is Made at JC Staff

  1. KonataStar00

    Am I the only one who would get irritated if someone would ”hmmmm ohhh hai hai” all the time while I’m talking? Like at 15:54 :/

  2. hiilikepink

    I love how he goes “lovely, lovely” and “fair enough, fair enough”. I enjoy how he repeats it twice. :P

  3. Martin Canales

    Amazing!! ^-^” I’ve learned so much from watching this video on how anime is made! Keep up the hard work JC staff!

  4. cuteanimeotakugirl14

    thank you all for making anime and putting your time and effort making it to!!!!!!:)

  5. BrokenWeeener

    I’m about to go to college to make my own anime and after watching this,
    jesus christ! i have so much work ahead of me

  6. Angeliclily

    In Japan, it’s super polite to keep going ‘mmmm’ and ‘hai’ to let them know that you’re paying attention. If you don’t do this while they’re speaking, it’s as if you’re saying, “I have no interest in what you’re saying, so I’m not paying attention,”. That’s why he keep repeating those words. XD

  7. Katie Abernathy

    oh Piko, that was awesomesauce! if you hate Piko…..i will eat your children…
    … children…love piko…. <3

  8. shohei sakai

    Wow!! what the fcuk I didn’t watch at the screen when second song came up and I thought it was a women singing @ _ @”!?? dude sure can sing high pitch as furkkkkk~~~.

  9. Mercedes Levesque

    So, I guess calling him a boy is incorrect too… I call him a boy, though. Gotta give Piko credit. He sings better then me like that. Cx

  10. Mercedes Levesque

    His vocaloid, Utatane Piko, is called genderless, actually. it’s because of the range of pitch Piko can do.

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