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Shopping at the new kiddy land ! Shopping in harajuku ! My failed mission ! Just a test run with my New Cam ! Im getting the hang of it so look out for more …
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50 thoughts on “TOKYO HAUL!

  1. mellamokori

    She’s slightly misled about the sizing thing. Mid-range brands like Liz Lisa do have “free” sizing, which can run pretty small, but a lot of free sized things are baggy or really stretchy. Plenty of brands in Japan have actually sizing, it just tends to run smaller than America. I’m a small in America, but I usually wear a medium in Japan because of my bust. But there are also bigger Japanese people who have no problem finding clothes. It’s more of a shape difference, than a true size difference

  2. 1JacksparrowFan

    I love the music in the beginning it’s very calming to me.Also thanks for the video.Can you upload a video of your visit to the Pokemon Center Store please?:)

  3. anike hattendo

    Oh is this one different store from Omotesando? I was in December there. Such a great store. There was a character like Kiiroitori that got my attention. Had a song and then like MINUTES of this chicken speaking stuff. Anyways Ginza… just loved it :)

  4. jan obleski

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  5. tsengkokoko

    I really love your videos Josh, the content you put up are fun to watch and informative, your videos are also more helpful for us who are in the same age as you are because we probably will be doing the same things that you do if we are in japan. So keep it up, I’ve been your fan for couple years now. and thanks for not putting up “gaijin” tips crap lol

  6. KanaTenshi

    Arg I want a Tamagotchi again so badly. too bad they dont have it in stores in canada anymore. Online it is … sigh…

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