Anime Conventions Japanese Style: Comicon in Kyoto

This is my first trip to an anime convention in Japan (or doujin event, as they call them), and as you can see, it’s a lot different from what we know back i…

25 thoughts on “Anime Conventions Japanese Style: Comicon in Kyoto

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  2. Antoinette Tussuad


  3. NintendoNetworkNews

    hey what prices are your bead sprites like in comparison to a 1up mushroom and megaman and a large one?

  4. Denyse Barton

    how did you learn japanese so well? i hate you sooo much it’s like my dream to go to japan.

  5. KittyScene101

    My best friend from school was there! She told me she bought something from your booth when I showed her this video, but I have no clue which one she bought…

  6. JenxRodwell

    Well, in Japan they don’t really do conventions like in the US. (that’s why some people prefer to word “event” over “con”), they don’t really have the panels and guests and such. People go to events like Comiket or this one for one main reason – to buy stuff they are interested in.

  7. tynie hawk

    Do you have the magnet or sticker paper with you? that would be good to offer. Seals the deal. say ‘I could make it a sticker or a magnet right here for you, what would you like?’ and then they dont have to worry about doing anything later

  8. tynie hawk

    Maybe it’s the footage but this is very different from north american anime conventions. This crowd is not as hyper!

  9. Valcurium Dodikai

    $5 sounds pretty good, i bet you could even maybe get $7 for the little ones.

    But yea man, keep churning out those videos, you’re doing a kick ass job

  10. OsakaPapa

    Depends on the size :) The little ones were going for about $5, and then price goes up as they get bigger.

  11. bboydragen

    lol i forgot which one i bought but i got it for my gf. And you were and i didnt speak english xD

  12. OsakaPapa

    Seriously? :O Thank you so much! Which one did you buy? And was I at the booth when you bought it? I don’t recall running into an English speaker, unless you didn’t speak English to me :P

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