Can You Watch 24/7 Anime in Japan?!?

Can You Watch 24/7 Anime in Japan?!?

A bit of a rant video responding to a comment I saw on one of my videos. Don’t worry its semi-educational. This video for the most part discusses what TV is …

25 thoughts on “Can You Watch 24/7 Anime in Japan?!?

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  2. AjejejejejeA

    I would like to know if you are in Japan and type a website where you can watch anime for free, will the link work??, and if you set your YouTube to worldwide, the anime uploaded to YouTube will still come up or not??, Domo Arigatou. :)

  3. John Howard

    Does gaijin mean outsider?? Cos I watched Tokyo fright (fasand furious 3) a few yrs ago and it said that gaijin means outsider.

  4. scabab90

    Even if they had anime 24/7 on TV there wouldn’t be any subtitles so most of us couldn’t understand it anyway.

  5. ric pat

    They do have 24/7 anime channels in Japan..its called cable channel Animemax..and one more i think

  6. Nirdy Birdy

    Thats why kids probably buy each Anime in those Anime/Manga stores with huge selection. Where in America there aren’t these kinds of stores because we have easier online access.

  7. Gasai Yuno

    Hi! About the animes that are being showed on tv, do they already have english subtitles? I’m just curious about it, because when I watch animes in different anime sites they usually upload the latest episodes an hour or even minutes after the actual time they are released in Japan. :)

  8. Melinda Tran

    Can’t you already watch 24/7 anime in America? Whoever said that sounds kinda weeabooish.

  9. ikaduti gorogoro


  10. TakahashiKira

    Well, think about it guys. If people cannot catch up with anime when they get after school, they all have the Akihabara district where they could enjoy the glory of Japan that they have been missing out on. From figurines, to manga shops. To video stores, and to maid cafes. They also have anime conventions, if I can safely say that.

  11. FindMeInKurume

    Nice to see you do another video. Your pronunciation is pretty good =) Don’t worry about your video content, you are speaking your mind, keep it up! Looking forward to more vids dude! Peace.

  12. xXlovelessmurdererXx

    You totally crushed that guy’s dream xD Also this totally has nothing to do with what you mentioned in the video, but which bands are popular in Japan right now? I really like Arashi, GReeeeN, Gackt, Miyavi, Takanori Nishikawa and stuff like that but it’s quite difficult to keep up with Japanese trends lol :D

  13. Altimit1417

    its like around 1000 yen per month… but I am not sure I dont own one. Netflix is out too. I know that some of my students often go to manga kissa to watch anime and read manga.

    but yea its limited. But I just tell my kids that they can stream anime stuff for free if they type anime into google in english. keep doing the good stuff. I am impressed with your japanese pronunciation!

  14. ChaoticNarrative

    Chanel 8(Fuji TV) or TV Tokyo, Kyoto Animation, Toei Animation.

    ^_^ Go Wild.

    In a serious note, as much of an Otaku as I am, I don’t watch it 24/7 in england, so I won’t be doing so in japan.

  15. Kart3333

    In Japan you can pay for a anime channel like AT-X, that you will get anime and anime related content 24/7. and channels like TBS and TV Tokyo you will get anime on the late night. but is really easy to watch anime on other countries, even Brazil and South Africa get crunchyroll were they simulcast is a week before the show get see on AT-X

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