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25 thoughts on “REEL ANIME 2012: FROM UP ON POPPY HILL TRAILER (English Subtitles)

  1. systemCY

    I agree that waving off Disney is wrong. They made serious advances in animation and coherent storylines. As far as imagery goes, their work is often epic and beautiful. Personally I prefer Ghibli work because it’s not stuck in stereotypes and often has an element of human interaction that’s simple and touching. Disney bothers me for often having racist undertones and lack of originality. Lion king for example has base in Hamlet and Kimba the White Lion, which is a Japanese animation.

  2. Amber King

    Do you honestly think that an anime like this would be about incest? Personally, I think that that little part in the trailer should have been left out, because answering my question would kind of spoil part of the story. But, this anime is really very beautiful… just watch it… you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Romano Coombs

    English studios often censor Japanese social conventions with which they are not comfortable. THIS IS WHY DUBS ARE BLASPHEMY TO FANS!

    I think it’s about time Incest was covered as a main romantic theme, it’s part of many ancient traditions and a few modern ones. ‘Summer Wars’ went close, but it had too much other awesome stuff going on!
    And after all, nobody censors Death in film…anymore.

  4. Romano Coombs

    And do not tell me that Lion King is not a masterpiece, it’s just as epic in scale and thought as old school anime used to be.

  5. Romano Coombs

    Spirited Away was the most overhyped miyazaki film until Ponyo and Howl’s…and that’s coming from a Miyazaki fan. The last few ‘Miyazaki films’ are PRODUCED by DISNEY with his name slapped on, and it shows. They don’t compare to Laputa/Nausicaa/Grave.

  6. tehwumbomistress

    haha yeah, at first I was like whaaaaaaat??But just watch and I promise you won’t be disappointed :)

  7. Chris Noble

    Ok I’m very confused. In the English version it’s like “A heartwarming romance” but here it’s like “we’re brother and sister!” Either something got lost in translation or hayao is making incest a major theme on this movie…

  8. sandragojani

    I like anime/manga too and I love Ghibli, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate other great films, whether they are from America or any other place in the world. Not everything from the US is bad though, that’s what I’m trying to say. :)

  9. Lee Sungyeol

    when you see it like this, ok.^^ but i actually like it because i like anime/manga, not because other people like it too. and all in all i don’t like american stuffs, i’m a kpop freak so.. yeah.XD my brain can’t be change anymore keke. so how bang yong guk said: ‘do what you like, like what you do.’└|∵|┘

  10. sandragojani

    No, I can only try and make them understand how wrong they are. Liking Ghibli is the new thing now, people think that liking something different somehow automatically makes them interesting, like they know anything about film. Then they put Disney down because now it’s mainstream and it’s much cooler to like Ghibli.

  11. tf tt

    somebody who to know this soundtrack.. plis give the link to download this soundtrack movie from up poppy hill

  12. MadmanOnline

    REEL ANIME is an Australian and New Zealand based film festival that we run to showcase the latest and greatest anime from Japan.

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