Everyday life in bygone days in Tokyo, 1966 昭和東京

A German camera crew filmed this record of family life in Tokyo 45 years ago. The children go off to school and father works in the factory. It was the start…

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  1. 充太郎 岡

    Her husband works for Osaki Dengyo which is manufacturer of electric clutch-brake only in the world.This was established in 1936 and still exists to make that special parts for mother-machine.This corporation, Sony and many other electric appliance companies here in Osaki supplied for the Naval Institutes in nearby Meguro. Salute for Imperial Navy.

  2. MichaelRogge

    I have about a hundred clips on Japan on YT also including the 1976/86 era. Search with ‘michael rogge japan’

  3. Lansing Allison

    please try to understand this yes it is nice to learn from 1966 but what about 1976 /86 and or 1996 or 2006 it is 2013 to keep up with what is going on we of the world would like to be keep up with what others are doing

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  5. 大 伊井


  6. pamela momoi


  7. eine52

    Yes, I have heard about it couple of times, and it seems like too many working hours (which sometimes result in death) have a lot to do with the problem.

  8. blackpassenger

    yes, those are the couples that YOU know. Are you aware of the sexless marriage phenomenon thats been going on at least since my arrival in 2001? It has been widely documented.

  9. eine52

    Afaik is shortened form of “as far as I know.” 15 years? Now, I’m not sure why they are still married. I’ve been in Japan for about 16 years now, but most couples that I met are quite talkative and look happy with each other, but then maybe that’s because all of them are young (still in their 30s)…

  10. blackpassenger

    What is “Afaik?” I’ve been living here in Japan since 2001, and that’s what I’ve been observing. Many of my female students tell me they havent had a conversation with their husbands in as long as 15 years. Not to mention, theyve havent had sex in decades. they sleep in different beds, in different rooms. Very very common in Japan.

  11. agusdwikarna

    The language is Japanese, but the tune reminds me to old Shanghai songs. Perhaps because it was the trend of the 1920′s?

  12. agusdwikarna

    Man, look at those children, playing together in the narrow street. A bygone era, before the arrival of game consoles.

  13. agusdwikarna

    Great video. I always wondered what ordinary live in Japan looked like in 1960′s.

    BTW, the background music sounds Chinese (I’m talking about the instrument).

  14. blackpassenger

    well, some things they never change. husband and wife didn’t talk in japan in the 60s and they still dont talk in contemporary japan.

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