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Japanese Snacks : Asparagus Mayonaise Potato Chips, Soy Snack, and Mangosteen drink

Mangosteen Juice Drink (Thai drink found in an import store in Japan) Healthy Soy Snack – Chips that rattle! Asparagus Mayo Chips…..shocking similar to the…
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So this is going to be my third snack review. I know, I know, it seems like I’m a snack addict… and you know what I am. This time we reviewed the Marble ch…
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New Market Report: Japan Food & Drink Report Q2 2013

New Market Report: Japan Food & Drink Report Q2 2013
Boston, MA — (SBWIRE) — 05/24/2013 — With leading indicators showing much-sought-after improvements in the Japanese economy, we believe the optimism following the regime change in Japan will help to drive a pickup in economic activity in 2013.
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Saving Fukuoka's Street Food
Although roadside food stalls, or yatai, have been a part of Japan's food culture for centuries, the period following the end of World War II saw a boom in their numbers. Japanese nationals returning to their homeland from China and Southeast Asia …
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Japanese company stops selling dog food made from endangered whales
This is a follow up to this article. It's rare to be able to report success, if only partial, this quickly, but Michinoku Farm, the Japanese company that sold dog treats made from endangered North Atlantic fin whales caught by Icelandic whalers …
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Why it matters where our food comes from
Ethical eating: Tokyo restaurant Narisawa recently won a major award for its sustainable-food policy, an outlook that emphasizes ethical sourcing, eco-friendly logistics and the use of domestic produce. The number of restaurants in Japan that embrace …
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