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Toronto Comics Arts Festival highlights

Toronto Comics Arts Festival highlights
Matsumoto will appear at the Japan Foundation for an artist interview at 1 p.m. Saturday and at a screening of Tekkon Kinkreet, 7 p.m. Thursday at Innis Town Hall. TCAF Kick-Off Event … Comics vs. Games 2, May 9-12, Bento Miso, 100-862 Richmond St. W.
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New Shinkansen to Use Revolutionarily Simple Stations, Cuts Include Ticket
For Japanese people, this is a far cry from the bento stands, temperature controlled waiting areas, and station workers popping out of secret doors by the ticket machines that they're used to. In fact, JR said that there will be no full-time staff …
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2013 Japan Festival in Boston

2013 Japan Festival in Boston
We'll be selling t-shirts ($ 20) and tote bags ($ 12) which say 手仕事 (teshigoto, which means “handwork”), omen for kids (Japanese masks), assorted bento & Japanese stationery items (erasers & letter sets), origami crane decorations, and hand-crocheted …
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Morsels with Megan Miller and Simon Plant
… and yearning for yakitori … grab a seat at Gochi. Crown's two-week-old Japanese izakaya stays open until 1am Friday and Saturday and its skewered flesh and fish makes great night-time nosh, especially with an Asahi beer. But 40-seat Gochi, with …
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Soaking the flavours of Tokyo
Also definitely check out a bento box; a meal so delightfully presented, you'll actually hesitate before you dig in. Japanese are not big on desserts, but one delectable sweet is sesame mochi (Japanese rice cakes made of glutinous rice and topped with …
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