Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay

My thoughts on Syfy’s new cosplay show! What did you think?

24 thoughts on “Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay

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  2. michael willis

    Cosplay is another art form that needs more exposure than at expos ..more more cosplay please!

  3. v8fieromatt

    “My job is youtube comments”- you know it’s pretty epic when you think about it that way. There are probably a million people who wish they were in your shoes, and that makes you pretty damn special now doesn’t it :)  Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

  4. g00fe08

    game of thrones books in the background. Yes, im drunk but that is at least #10 reason that youre awesome, feel freee to send me your number, ill totally date you.

  5. EcchiTC

    In my opinion Meg is one of the most beauttifull women i’ve ever seen, plus she seems the kind of girl i would love to hangout.
    Don’t bother with the negative comments Meg you’re awesome as you are and in any form or shape!

  6. BanAnnaDashRUSSIA

    I was going to say that YOU are fucking awesome, but then I saw the comments, so now it’s not original

  7. Joshua Helmeke

    I think a television channel that produces a made for TV movie about a shark infested tornado (Syfy) should try producing intelligent Science Fiction instead of trying to drum up ratings by producing a pretend competitive reality show about costumes.

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