Wonder Festival – Anime Convention Japan!!

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Anastasiya Shpagina - Real Life Anime Girl

“Behold: the real-life anime girl. Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year-old Ukrainian woman, has brightly colored hair, pale skin and a doe-eyed stare that could b…

49 thoughts on “Wonder Festival – Anime Convention Japan!!

  1. inuchibi111

    aawwwwwwwww i love puella magi madoka magica so much and i love all the main characters sooo much but mami is my ultime most faveorite

  2. TheTraineficionado

    I could not understand. Did she say The Summer Wonder Fest is all about FIGURES? I think I heard correctly but I could not understand

  3. izumi150

    (・∀・)イイ!  凄く可愛いと思います。

    2011年9月発売予定 税込3200円 これ良いですよ。

  4. Momo Howard

    I fucking hate these reporters. All they do is sit and criticize people for being different.


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  6. Kohaku Pendragon

    And there goes humanity. Not all anime is hentai, which you would only know. Anime is for all ages. A lot of animes have sexual jokes, and adult humor in it. Japan has no problem with the naked body and sexuality. But like I said, not all anime is porn. Anime is not like watching SpongeBob. What’s ironic is that you sound like a complete five year old. I’m usually not a grammar freak but yours just killed me. Please, for the sake of humanity, shut up.

  7. Kohaku Pendragon

    You have a link? Not trying to be mean, just curious. Her channel shows her nose never having plastic surgery. But I did not know about her chest.

  8. Alla Ruda

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  9. Александр Александров

    Её страшно ебать. На куклу из ужасов похожа.

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