WATCH IN HD! Dedicated to Sneaky MLZebra Gaming, Comic and Anime Cosplay @ Anime Expo 2013. Anime Expo 2013 takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “ANIME EXPO 2013 EPIC COSPLAY 3-3

  1. Goth Weaver

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  2. StrawberryLove315

    Some people complain about cosplayers cosplaying comic characters at anime cons yet they never say anything about video game cosplay. But I guess anything that isn’t an anime such as video games, manga, cartoon, movie and Disney cosplay should be banned at anime cons then. xD I have to say cosplay isn’t about anime. It’s fun no matter what you’re cosplaying. :)

  3. MegaAwesomeFilms

    1:26 is Train Heartnet from Black Cat! Holy shit, I’ve never seen someone cosplay him!

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