Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 4 – Worldwide Anime Events

カルチャージャパンシーズン2 エピソード4 #世界のアニメイベント Danny has a discussion with Sekai no YUMI from Amiami, and then takes a look at anime events all over the world – including…
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24 thoughts on “Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 4 – Worldwide Anime Events

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  2. TENBY Fong

    Danny. From what you’re doing is wrong. Do you know that many people doesn’t like cosplay people. They also think that it’s like copyright. That’s why I put a dislike. And of course… How dare you put a culture Japan or whatsoever in Penang, straits quay. You’re making people feel disappointed. If I were you, I could make a card tournament like vanguard and magic the gathering and etc… I accept that. If you disagree, shut the fuck up!!!

  3. MeloveAwesome54

    And do the figures you have in your office smell gorgeous? Sounds kinda suggestive really.

  4. MeloveAwesome54

    I guess I was too late huh? But really nice production and the way the info was presented. Nice going Danny Choo and I hope you will reap the rewards of success!!

  5. xAKB0048

    Hope Danny goes to the Faniem Convention in San Jose, California ;) . Let me find some Mirai Mechandise PLEASE!!!!!

  6. xAKB0048

    Not really a real anime, Danny Choo created it as an opening. The opening is called Mirai Millenium

  7. MegaPolloChicken

    Grow up, living in Japan is not easy. First, you are a foreigner and they dont like them that much in many places. Second what are you going to live of? Japan is expensive and stressful. Many good professionals are unemployed.

  8. ジョエル ソノ

    Mirai Millennium is the name. I don’t believe it’s out yet, and if it is let me know!

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