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Drunk Tour: Roppongi Hill’s Mall In Tokyo!!! {Tokyo Jin Vlog}

This place i went to is called Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. I am sorry for reuploading this video several times. Enjoy!!

This guy was about to be arrested by 15 japanese cops, he was trying to explain his side of the story……. finally he got to tired to talk and decide to sh…

Japan Vlog: Kim in Kyoto 京都のブログ 〜 京都で遊びました☆

My crap day in Kyoto. Nah jks, it was a good day, just not for me. Apologies for all my complaints in the video. It was freezing cold, burnt my neck in the m…

Thomas finally gets a chance to be invited into Kyoto, Japan to meet a real Geisha (Geiko seen here) Yachiho is her name.
Video Rating: 4 / 5