Picnic Bento in Japan

One on my uni students, Tamaki, explains the bento lunch her mother made for our group to enjoy while waiting to see the horseback archery (yabusame) in Tsuw…

26 thoughts on “Picnic Bento in Japan

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  2. martinyearly

    Jason! I got shortlisted for JET thanks in part to this guy. Cheers Jason good to see you’re making videos again :)

  3. Myargonauts Jason

    no worries, but I’m always rambling in the drop box description, so always a good idea to check em out for my videos. :)

  4. Myargonauts Jason

    we did a whole guided tour of a local shrine and rock garden sponsored by the local English society before the yabusame – you’ll see these portions of the day in the fuller videos.

  5. kantishna39

    I usually hit the show more button, but your first paragraph ended perfectly in the area shown. I’ll be hitting the show more button from now on.

  6. Mike The Gamer

    AH! i misunderstood. i thought it was just you getting together with some students for a picnic. If it was a field trip in the states people would expect something to have been learned. Just having fun does not make a a field trip in the states. LOL.

  7. Myargonauts Jason

    haha – ummm, no. I can’t make out what was being said – many people were talking – but that is not it. :)

  8. Myargonauts Jason

    I would hope that it’s not unusual for university professors to go on field trips with their college students. We met up with a large croup of Japanese and other foreign teachers – you’ll see them more in the upcoming videos, and as a group we had a great day.

  9. Myargonauts Jason

    read the comments in the drop down box, but briefly, no – they don’t celebrate Easter here in any way

  10. Myargonauts Jason

    nope, but I still know some JETs in Shimane and get invited to events from time to time

  11. Mike The Gamer

    i like that over in japan its not weird for a teacher to do these kinds of things with their students. in the US you would get the weird looks as people start to think you are tryiing to get them in the sack.

  12. poopdood321JP

    I think it was because they weren’t eating yet.
    I’m pretty sure EATING and pointing is something thats frowned upon.
    And yea It’s more so pointing at people that will get you some strange looks.

  13. kantishna39

    Were those Easter eggs? Do they celebrate Easter there like they do Christmas? Not religiously, but to go through the motions of giving gifts during Christmas and dying eggs on Easter?

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