Anime/Manga Lovers: Dealing with Japanese P0RN Accusations???!!!

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24 thoughts on “Anime/Manga Lovers: Dealing with Japanese P0RN Accusations???!!!

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  2. camila100497

    I just like Naruto and nothing else beside Naruto, when talking about animes, but people still think I’m like those crazy anime fan.. I wonder how hard it is to have this kind of accusation.. =|

  3. blaklaptop

    Ok, so I was watching “big booty japanese bitch gets her holes filled by slimy tentacle monster,” and someone accused me of watching anime. What should I do?

  4. DenshaOtoko2

    Also, this happened during my Sophmore year in high school so it the memory was even more disruptful than if it were not.

  5. DenshaOtoko2

    I was a witness to someone indirectly accusing a fellow allumni of reading japanese porn, when I he was reading was Naruto; The Sasuke Retrieval Arc, Bleach; The Soul Society Arc, and watching re-runs of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Uncut on Crunchyroll. Accusasions unecessary; Thank you.

  6. Jacob Ramirez

    I read a lot the comments and i feel sorry for most of the ppl in here. I go to a small school and enjoy reading manga and watching anime. It sucks that so many people are so closed minded and not even open to even try reading mamga or watching anime. I think the majority of people i know (and like) know i like manga and whatnot, i have even convinced a few friends into watching it…we all need to start a revolution!!!!

  7. Neko Vermillion

    I’ve heard worse because of people seeing my anthro cat drawings. From my experience, I say it isn’t because they think you’re perverted, but rather they have a perverted viewpoint.

  8. Raheem Ivory

    @ antenoraaaa, I ned to associate with more female who understand this concept so please inbox me sometime! Second off, sure ecchi manga arouses, I should know, I’m a fan, and yes I do watch/
    Read Hebraic when I’m bored enough, the main difference I see is that ecchi manga never steps over the line of sex, you wont see Yuuki Rito from To Love-Ru in a sex scene and same goes for most ecchi genres….except for that time in Addicted To Curry….still not sure why that was even put in

  9. antenoraaaa

    Ok I ama girl, but pleace don’t take me as a weird perv :D
    I like porn. not all of it.Most of it is lame.but there is some good enough porn.I guess i am picky :D but i never whatch porn for the story :D I whatch movies for the story. And when i watch Hentai it is pretty much the same.(normal hentai i mean,that dosen’t incude rapists and crazy ass aliens :D ) And when i watch anime for the story, taht is not porn. Yes i would be offended,i guess. Because i might whatch hentai, but this one is not!

  10. Chadwin Allotey

    This is how u decide if it’s hentai based, i would watch naruto @ school but never fairytail, because u never know if lucy will show her ass crack again :p

  11. ArtOfCreation11

    well kinda yeah.. they don’t know what anime is so when i start talking about superpowers they are all like meh it’s just some stupid cartoon.. they don’t realize that anime have arc aka the episodes which follow one another the actual story instead of cartoon episodes which are not related one to another at all..

  12. Kpatelboston

    That guy that’s Natsu’s look alike is like a mix of Haru’s face & hair style & Musica’s hair color & facial expression (kinda). Oh ya, Lucy’s twin look alike would be Elie from Rave Master. By the way, what do you think of Plue sawyer??

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