Request – shopping for food in Japan – what does it cost?

A subscriber, Sprachers, asked what I typically spend on groceries each week. So I took out my camera as I unpacked my shopping bags from my latest trip to t…

Osaka popular style of food.

49 thoughts on “Request – shopping for food in Japan – what does it cost?

  1. IdrilTaralom13

    Batteries – GET THEM AT DAISO!!! I use Daiso for EVERYTHING and I don’t even live in Japan! (I live near SF, CA, and there’s one down here). I get all my stationary-type things, snacks, batteries, tea (leaf and bag), gloves, seasonal items (at Christmas, I went down there and got a bunch of cool Christmas decorations for like $5), anything! I don’t know if you live near a Daiso, but if you do, switch to buying your batteries there! They are the same quality as anything else you can find.

  2. desigaijin

    Wow, this is great! I’ve heard that American cereals are hard to find in grocery stores there. I’m glad I can still have frosted flakes in the morning. XD;

  3. indiereplicant

    Razor blades are super expensive everywhere…. But getting some of the better ones in Japan is even harder.

  4. giuseppe3010

    I think mine is very helpful….you could start a diet and exercise! And mine is free, no charge!! no harm intended… hahaha  Anatawa gohan tsuki desu !!!

  5. TaishaJason

    haha – interesting comment – not sure if anyone has ever made that comparison before. :)
    Thanks for watching!

  6. TaishaJason

    recently bought a 500g block of NZ red cheddar at an import store for 1050yen. It was worth it, since a smaller block of about 150g can be as much as 500yen. I love good cheddar!

  7. lasagna47

    the camera movements made me dizzy~ anyways, really expensive.
    still, like to go to japan someday~and try all the wonderful foods!

  8. visualvirtue

    Sure he can do what he wants and he’s doing it, duh! And I can say what I want and you can mind everyone’s business like you want. Ha!

  9. JAWZxz

    Wreck himself? He’s hardly wrecking himself you self-satisfied twat, and even if he was, it’s his body and he can do what he wants with it.

  10. visualvirtue

    Mind my own business as opposed to you who’ll not say anything and just let him continue to wreck himself by not caring!? ok

  11. Karina Usach

    I think it is absolutely disgusting how westernized the Japanese diet has become. As recently as 60-70 years ago, you would not have found more than half of the food in Japanese stores that you have there. America is making Japan unhealthy.

  12. animefreak1467

    wow the prices really weren’t that high, or higher than it is here in the us.
    -though now that the dollar is extremely weak…only about 80-85 yen per dollar

  13. Rool Lee

    do you remember the name of restaurant? i’m from Korea, and nest month i will go to osaka and i looking for a good restaurant.. :)

  14. Uniteme

    According to the comments section a few posters think
    noodles = worms
    bonito flakes = bugs

    Not sure how you could come to that conclusion

  15. ChinaThruJesusChrist

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  16. bimba- lola

    look like Atomic Bom at Hiroshima,,hihiihhihhahahah,,what kind of foods like this,,midsure u all can finish it,,,,

  17. Xiaolian7

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  18. singenkensin

    This shop isTsuruhashi Fugetsu.
    favorite OKONOMIYAKI(Osaka style) shop.

  19. Chinadoll Anderson

    it was going well until the bugs or shrimp or wutev when h tossed them on i jumped when i stil sw movement!!! wow

  20. SkyEyes20

    Okonomiyaki and jeon both have similar cooking styles in that they are both “pan-fried.” But they have different ingredients.
    Basic Okonomiyaki – cabbage, flour, water, egg, nagaimo (usually smothered in sweet, black sauce, mayonnaise, and dried fish flakes)
    Bindaetteok – mung bean, egg, kimchi
    I would imagine that they wouldn’t taste the same but I’ve never had bindaetteok so, sorry. :(

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