Wasabi Potato Chips – I Live in Japan 73 Japanese Food 10

I live in Japan Talking about my life in Japan Cultural (and not so) and everyday experiences. Seventy-third Episode: Wasabi Potato Chips I was trying some W…
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26 thoughts on “Wasabi Potato Chips – I Live in Japan 73 Japanese Food 10

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  2. Sparkuus

    Thank you! :)
    He sure made it a much more interesting video that it would have been without him! :)

  3. Sparkuus

    私も何回見た!さいきんかいはほかの辛い物食べてみた。リアクションおなじぐらいだった :)

  4. justkt2002

    I almost died laughing! (XD) That is going to be such a fun and precious memory to look back on one day. Seems that he really takes after you a lot, lol, he just couldn’t say no and had to come back for more! Thank you for sharing this! (^_^)

  5. Steven Ventro

    I don’t even know you but as soon as I saw your kid eat that chip and start to react I couldn’t stop laughing! LOL…

  6. JapanWynandSmit

    haha yes, I know i’d definitely use this vid as a reason to prank you back. At least he will have a great laugh like you too. ^_^

  7. Sparkuus

    I’m a lucky guy! But Kai is probably going to see this video some day in the future, and spike my food with Killer hot pepper sauce!

  8. monmonzz

    hi i’m a new subscriber. i subscribed because your cute Kai. he’s sooooooooooo dang cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  9. hasithappens

    That is great. Means they will be able to eat a broad range of meals. Having a more interesting appetite. I bet they will love cooking too. My son does.

  10. Rhinobatidae

    lol poor Kai! Though I have to admit I found your laugh to be very infectious as I actually laughed out loud :)

  11. otakusweden

    Omg, im sorry but that was so funny. Poor Kai but, lesson learned? Nope dont think so ^^

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