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In Tokyo, stand enables tourists to take smartphone selfies

In Tokyo, stand enables tourists to take smartphone selfies
Photographer John Spyal, who runs the Tokyo Camera Style blog and discovered the innovation, says that the stand helps tourists take photos by themselves without having to bother others enjoying the view. At the same time fellow tourists don't have to …
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Capcom's 'Deep Down' confirmed to be an online game, debuts at Tokyo Game
Luckily it seems that's all about to change, as Capcom stated today that Deep Down will be debuting at the Tokyo Game Show this September. Oh, and then how about this: they also announced that Deep Down would be an online game. What? What we've …
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A-bomb documentaries by US filmmakers showing in Tokyo
"Things Left Behind" (Hiroshima: Ishiuchi Miyako Nokosareta Monotachi), directed by Linda Hoaglund, and Steven Okazaki's “White Light, Black Rain: The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” are playing daily at the Iwanami Hall in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward …
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Tourists encouraged to visit 'sacred' anime places

Tourists encouraged to visit 'sacred' anime places
Japan's government and the Japan External Trade Organization are joining their efforts to create an original tourism strategy: encouraging foreign tourists to visit “sacred places” in the world of anime. As a “pilgrimage to sacred places,” fans of …
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Bandai Visual Japan Sets 'Gundam Wing' Blu-ray Anime Box Sets
While the show is out of print due to Bandai Entertainment being out of business, the series is getting a new lease on life in Japan where Bandai Visual is queuing up two new Blu-ray box sets to get the whole thing out this year. Unfortunately, the …
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Abu Dhabime? Middle Eastern mech anime 'Torkaizer' turns Japan's heads with
Japanese animation has over the course of its evolution branched out into several sub-genres based on the proliferating light novels and manga series. While this is great, it seems as though the once-loved era of giant fighting robots seems to be …
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