GEEK WEEK – Love Cosplay! Anime Expo Music Video

It’s Geek Week! In honor of Fan Friday, we are proud to present a music compilation of amazing cosplay from Anime Expo. Want more Fan Friday goodness? Check …

Anna Robinson seeks out the best female Cosplay at Comic-Con 2013 Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “GEEK WEEK – Love Cosplay! Anime Expo Music Video

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  3. Explosive221

    Ok you know what LEAGUE OF LEGENDS doesn’t count as an anime… I’ve played it and yes the girls in it are amazing but until they make a league of legends anime they don’t belong at an anime expo they belong at anything involving league or gaming. There’s plenty of enough anime’s that an anime convention shouldn’t look like comicon.

  4. JoshimorPansu

    I hate this video for the only reason possible… It ended (totally didn’t almost cry)

  5. JoshimorPansu

    I hate this video for the only reason possible… It ended (totally didn’t almost cry)

  6. JoshimorPansu

    I hate this video for the only reason possible… It ended (totally didn’t almost cry)

  7. PinkNinjaMaster

    GeekandSundry is already huge so I’m going to boohoo the video style to tell you guys about another channel that does this who

  8. Asrahn

    You’re acting awfully defensive over a middle-school comment. Have you even looked at the comment section? I rarely, if ever, utilize the word “virgin” as an insult unless it’s warranted by an overwhelming display of juvenile bullshit and behavior that speaks volumes of people’s past (in)experience with women – I use it in particular when the nature of the comments I criticize are lacking basic, fundamental respect for other people.

    And I might just get into it, particularly to spite you.

  9. myth230

    Then don’t, I’m almost certain you’re not some sort of god/goddess that would warrant any sort of concern as to whether or not you get into cosplay. Certain costumes deal with characters who have revealing outfits and some will be attractive to some people and some won’t. Surprisingly enough, people will comment about these things. It appears you’re the one who needs to grow up, making stupid comments about the ‘virginity’ in the comment section; where’d you get that from? Middle school?

  10. VenomDkoc

    i don’t know about best..
    but i guess “the best female cosplays we saw in 40 minutes” doesn’t have the same ring to it..

  11. FunnyComments004

    Ok so I just started a youtube channel completly dedicated to finding funny youtube comments if you guys would just take a second and watch my video that would be great thank you

  12. Matt Nicassio

    My favorite was when GameSpot stage called up random people from the crowd and called up a Indian Poison Ivy (and friend) but they were real people and sadly didn’t have tickets at the time, that was my fav, hope they got tickets @ some point!

  13. malmohan

    this is not even close to the good ones…..
    i think the reported was just really really lazing around, rather than wait in line to interview the REALLY good ones.

  14. ps38786

    Best Harley Quinn ever!!!! I would date you if Joker didn’t kill me. It would be so worth it. :)

  15. slojoe320

    @jlytekd yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight ->

  16. EnasniVolz

    Thanks so much for interviewing me!! I was the Harley Quinn! I hope you couldn’t tell but I was super nervous! ^_^

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