Japan Travel: How to Use the Tokyo Subway System

Tokyo has one of the densest and most confusing subway systems in the world, with many different companies operating different lines. Get some important info…

11 thoughts on “Japan Travel: How to Use the Tokyo Subway System

  1. Rafael Seher

    I have been looking at some of the ways to get around town, and I am staying for 9 days so I don’t know if it is worth it investing in a Suica card or get some other pass, and the last question, are the attractions in Tokyo free because I can’t see a price for attending any museums or landmarks. Thank you

  2. Félix Maltchinski

    My mom told me the Tokyo Subway is the most expensive underground system in the world to ride false because its in London.

  3. Asher Caulfield

    You should be thankful for the subway in Tokyo if you ever go there because the roads are VERY crowded during rush hour, the subway is crowded during rush hour but not nearly as much as the streets.

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